Daycare Dog Room Club


Dog Room Club provides the best environment for your dog to socialize and feel safe. Our playful environment is a result of dogs getting to know each other during repeated visits and making new friends.

If you have an active, social dog who needs to stay busy and loves attention, Dog Room Club might be the right fit for your pup!

Why choose Dog Room Club?

  • Loads of fun playing, socializing, and making new friends
  • Daily, three to four elimination breaks outside (weather permitting)
  • Supervised by highly trained and loving staff, at a ratio of 1 staff for every 12 pets
  • Meals served as requested
  • Requires each pet to pass a social evaluation test to create a good “fit” with the other pets
  • Can help curb many behavioral problems, such as jumping, excessive barking, digging and chewing

Who Can Play?

At Dog Room Club, our number one priority is the safety and well-being of your pet. Because of this we require that all dogs are:

  • In Good health and current on all vaccinations including Rabies, DA2PP and Bordetella
  • At least 16 weeks of age
  • Spayed or Neutered if older than 8 months
  • Passed the Social evaluation test
  • All Food and medications (if needed) for daycare must be provided by the owner

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